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Environmental taxation and the double dividend: A reader's guide   总被引:32,自引:6,他引:26  
There has been considerable debate as to whether the revenue-neutral substitution of environmental taxes for ordinary income taxes might offer a double dividend: not only (1) improve the environment but also (2) reduce certain costs of the tax system. This paper articulates different notions of double dividend and examines the theoretical and empirical evidence for each. It also connects the double-dividend issue with principles of optimal environmental taxation in a second-best setting.A weak double-dividend claim-that returning tax revenues through cuts in distortionary taxes leads to cost savings relative to the case where revenues are returned lump sum-is easily defended on theoretical grounds and (thankfully) receives wide support from numerical simulations. The stronger versions contend that revenueneutral swaps of environmental taxes for ordinary distortionary taxes involve zero or negative gross costs. Theoretical analyses and numerical results tend to cast doubt on the strong double-dividend claim, although the theoretical case is not air-tight and the numerical evidence is mixed.  相似文献
对美国次贷危机的深层思考   总被引:27,自引:0,他引:27  
本文首先揭示了次贷危机的三大特征,然后分析次贷危机对金融业所造成的损失,接下来分析次贷危机的传导机制和对美国经济的整体影响。我们从周期及其结构的角度上作出谨慎的分析,最后提出了对中国银行业的启示和相关建议。  相似文献
Ratio Analysis and Equity Valuation: From Research to Practice   总被引:17,自引:4,他引:13  
Financial statement analysis has traditionally been seen as part of thefundamental analysis required for equity valuation. But the analysis has typicallybeen ad hoc. Drawing on recent research on accounting-based valuation, this paperoutlines a financial statement analysis for use in equity valuation. Standardprofitability analysis is incorporated, and extended, and is complemented with ananalysis of growth. An analysis of operating activities is distinguished from theanalysis of financing activities. The perspective is one of forecasting payoffs to equities. So financial statement analysis is presented as a matter of pro formaanalysis of the future, with forecasted ratios viewed as building blocks offorecasts of payoffs. The analysis of current financial statements is then seen asa matter of identifying current ratios as predictors of the future ratios thatdetermine equity payoffs. The financial statement analysis is hierarchical, withratios lower in the ordering identified as finer information about those higher up.To provide historical benchmarks for forecasting, typical values for ratios aredocumented for the period 1963–1999, along with their cross-sectionalvariation and correlation. And, again with a view to forecasting, the time seriesbehavior of many of the ratios is also described and their typical long-run,steady-state levels are documented.  相似文献
税收增长与经济增长关系的理论分析和实证研究   总被引:15,自引:0,他引:15  
1994年工商税制全面改革以来,我国税收收入呈现出高速增长态势,从1997年起税收增长幅度已经超过经济增长幅度,从而引发财税理论界和实务界的高度关注.对税收增长与经济增长关系进行理论分析,以1994~2004年相关数据为对象进行实证研究,对我国税收增长和经济增长关系作出基本判断:目前我国税收增长处于合理增长范围,税收增长与经济增长关系基本协调.  相似文献
对外直接投资与出口贸易:实证比较研究   总被引:13,自引:0,他引:13  
对外直接投资与出口贸易呈现出互补或替代的关系,西方学者的研究也证明了这一点,因而对外直接投资与出口贸易之间的关系是一个实证而非理论问题.本文采用国际比较的方法,实证研究了西方发达国家与中国在此问题上的差异.  相似文献
我国DSGE模型的开发及在货币政策分析中的应用   总被引:12,自引:0,他引:12  
DSGE模型是近年来宏观经济及货币政策分析方面关注的一个重要研究方向,也是中央银行在经济建模方面的一个新视角,该模型的显性建模框架、理论一致性、微观和宏观分析的完美结合、长短期分析的有机整合等独特性日益受到中央银行的青睐。本文结合我国的实际情况,建立了一个带有金融加速器的开放经济DSGE模型,基于我国的数据,采用Bayes技术估计了我国的DSGE模型,并利用该模型进行了政策分析。  相似文献
基于贡献度分析和客户关系的商业银行贷款定价方法研究   总被引:11,自引:0,他引:11  
毕明强 《金融论坛》2004,9(7):44-50
随着我国银行业改革的深化和利率市场化进程的加快,为竞争到更大的市场份额,商业银行逐步意识到为各种产品定价的重要性.本文设计了一种基于贡献度分析的贷款定价方法,该方法专门针对大型优质客户,它从银行与客户的整体关系入手,计算出包括贷款在内的一系列产品价格组合,帮助银行确定出有竞争力的价格.本文认为,无论是贷款定价还是其他业务产品定价,定价的过程是银行对客户关系的全面衡量过程,因此,贷款定价实际上是在为整个客户关系定价;本文详细讨论了该定价方法的计算过程和适应条件,并对方法本身进行了较全面的评价.  相似文献
Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment: A Synthesis of Empirical Research   总被引:11,自引:2,他引:9  
This paper reviews the empirical literature on the impact of company taxes on the allocation of foreign direct investment. We compare the outcomes of 25 empirical studies by computing the tax rate elasticity under a uniform definition. The median value of the tax rate elasticity in the literature is around –3.3 (i.e. a 1%-point reduction in the host-country tax rate raises foreign direct investment in that country by 3.3%). There exists substantial variation across studies, however. By performing a meta-analysis, the paper aims to explain this variation by the differences in characteristics of the underlying studies. Systematic differences between studies are found with respect to the type of foreign capital data used, and the type of tax rates adopted. We find no systematic differences in the responsiveness of investors from tax credit countries and tax exemption countries.  相似文献
国有商业银行信贷评级模型的构建及实证检验   总被引:10,自引:1,他引:9  
肖北溟 《金融论坛》2004,9(4):16-21
信贷评级是信贷风险管理的前提,目前我国国有商业银行都采用这一方式管理信贷风险.本文在对国有商业银行当前信用评级方法存在问题和国内外相关研究成果进行分析的基础上,提出了构建国有商业银行内部信用评级模型,提高信贷风险管理水平的建议.作者利用贷款历史数据,通过因子分析和聚类分析等方法构建内部信用评级模型;通过因子分析方法构建的模型使评级指标体系更加科学、合理,避免了反映风险信息的冗余与遗漏;聚类分析使评级模型直接与违约概率挂钩,度量风险的准确性进一步提高.论文最后对模型进行了实证分析,使其有效性得到了检验.  相似文献
我国股份制商业银行薪酬激励有效性研究   总被引:10,自引:2,他引:8  
我国股份制商业银行薪酬激励存在一些不足,原因在于薪酬激励的自身因素和薪酬环境因素两方面。自身因素主要包括忽视长期行为激励、缺乏同业竞争优势、轻视普通员工激励;环境因素主要有银行治理结构不完善、市场非充分有效、法规制度不健全等。本文通过对商业银行高管人员及普通员工的薪酬与业绩相关性进行实证检验,认为我国商业银行薪酬激励基本上是有效的,但是其有效性并不十分理想。据此,本文提出了提升我国商业银行薪酬激励有效性的具体建议:从微观层面看,优化薪酬激励机制;从中观层面看,强化商业银行治理结构;从宏观层面看,改善外部相关环境。  相似文献
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