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Hazard rate for credit risk and hedging defaultable contingent claims   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
We provide a concise exposition of theoretical results that appear in modeling default time as a random time, we study in details the invariance martingale property and we establish a representation theorem which leads, in a complete market setting, to the hedging portfolio of a vulnerable claim. Our main result is that, to hedge a defaultable claim one has to invest the value of this contingent claim in the defaultable zero-coupon.Received: April 2003Mathematics Subject Classification: 91B24, 91B29, 60G46JEL Classification: G10The authors would like to thank D. Becherer and J.N. Hugonnier for interesting discussions and the anonymous referee whose pertinent questions on the first version of this paper help them to clarify the proofs. All remaining errors are ours.  相似文献
Exploring interactions between real activity and the financial stance   总被引:2,自引:1,他引:1  
In this paper we empirically study interactions between real activity and the financial stance. Using aggregate data we examine a number of candidate measures of the financial stance of the economy. We find strong evidence for substantial spillover effects on aggregate activity from our preferred measure. Given this result, we use a large micro-data set for corporate firms to develop a macro–micro-model of the interaction between the financial and real economy. This approach implies that the impulse responses of a given aggregate shock will depend on the portfolio structure of firms at any given point in time.  相似文献
Valuation of Mortgage-Backed Securities Based upon a Structural Approach   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
This paper studies the valuation of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) based upon a structural approach of several risks involving the prepayment and/or default behavior of mortgagors. For the Kariya and Kobayashi (1999) model using a time-consuming Monte-Carlosimulation, we provide an alternative semi-analytic valuation methodology closely related to solving the (Volterra type) integral equation with respectto the first hitting time density for a curved/flat boundary; consequently that enables us to calculate the MBS price faster and more precisely. Next, to capture the path-dependent prepayment behavior of the interest ratemovements we give some prepayment models based upon a two-dimensional Markov process of the interest rate and its long-run average rate. Third, we study the simultaneous assessment issue of prepayment and defaultrisks, encountered in practice.Finally we discuss the calculation of the joint probability density ofmultiple first hitting times.  相似文献
Term structure modelling of defaultable bonds   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
In this paper we present a model of the development of the term structure of defaultable interest rates that is based on a multiple-defaults model. Instead of modelling a cash payoff in default we assume that defaulted debt is restructured and continues to be traded.The term structure of defaultable bond prices is represented in terms of defaultable forward rates similar to the Heath-Jarrow-Morton (HJM) (Heath et al., 1992) approach, and conditions are given under which the dynamics of these rates are arbitrage-free. These conditions are a drift restriction that is closely related to the HJM drift restriction for risk-free bonds, and the restriction that the defaultable short rate must always be not below the risk-free short rate. In its most general version the model is set in a marked point process framework, to allow for jumps in the defaultable rates at times of default.Financial Assistance by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Sonderforschungsbereich 303, at the University of Bonn and the DAAD is gratefully acknowledged.I thank Pierre Mella-Barral, David Lando and David Webb for helpful conversations, and the participants of the FMG Conference on Defaultable Bonds (March 1997) in London and the QMF 97 conference in Cairns for helpful comments. All errors are of course my own.  相似文献
欧洲高收益债券市场违约风险监管研究   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
多年以来,欧洲一直是仅次于美国的世界第二大高收益债券市场。除了债券自身信用评级水平之外,欧洲高收益债券违约率的高低与市场监管力度以及宏观金融经济运行状况密切相关。欧洲监管当局把对高收益债券市场的监管重点放在:规范市场信息披露及信用评级标准和行为、保护投资者权益、保持交易行为的规范性和跨国界市场交易衔接处理等方面,这些监管策略的实施对控制市场违约风险起到了积极的作用。欧洲的监管经验对于今后我国高收益债券市场的尝试性推出也极具借鉴意义。  相似文献
Pricing default swaps: Empirical evidence   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
In this paper we compare market prices of credit default swaps with model prices. We show that a simple reduced form model outperforms directly comparing bonds' credit spreads to default swap premiums. We find that the model yields unbiased premium estimates for default swaps on investment grade issuers, but only if we use swap or repo rates as proxy for default-free interest rates. This indicates that the government curve is no longer seen as the reference default-free curve. We also show that the model is relatively insensitive to the value of the assumed recovery rate.  相似文献
本文从静态和动态两个层面研究了会计信息的银行债务契约有用性。实证研究发现,上市公司基于会计信息的违约风险越大,银行信用借款比例越低;盈余质量越差则会显著降低违约风险与信用借款之间的关系;而在区分了长短期信用借款后,上述关系仅存在于短期信用借款之中。进一步研究发现,银企关系的好坏会显著影响长期信用借款的比例。这表明会计信息能降低银行债务契约决策中的信息不对称,但其有用性却受到盈余质量和债务期限的影响。  相似文献
个人住房抵押贷款违约风险跃迁概率研究   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
巴塞尔新资本协议提出针对个人住房抵押贷款可采用内部评级高级法评估其风险,在满足某些最低条件和披露要求的前提下,商业银行可根据自己对个人住房抵押贷款违约概率、违约损失率、违约风险暴露和期限等要素的估计值确定相应的资本要求。本文提出将风险跃迁概率引入到对个人住房抵押贷款提前还款-违约概率的定量估计中。借助逻辑斯特模型,本文将这一概念实际运用到对个人住房抵押贷款微观数据的分析当中,得到的实证研究结论包括借款人历史还款状态可以作为表征其未来还款状态的重要指标,贷龄与借款人还款状态的跃迁概率显著相关等。  相似文献
In financial groups, enterprise risk management is becoming increasingly important in controlling and managing the different independent legal entities in the group. The aim of this paper is to assess and relate risk concentration and joint default probabilities of the group’s legal entities in order to achieve a more comprehensive picture of a financial group’s risk situation. We further examine the impact of the type of dependence structure on results by comparing linear and nonlinear dependencies using different copula concepts under certain distributional assumptions. Our results show that even if financial groups with different dependence structures do have the same risk concentration factor, joint default probabilities of different sets of subsidiaries can vary tremendously.
Stefan SchuckmannEmail:
Abstract:  This paper presents closed form solutions to price secured bank loans and financial leases subject to default risk. Secured debt fair credit spreads always increase in the debtor's default probability, whereas financial leasing fair credit spreads may well decrease in the lessee's default probability and even be negative. The reason is that the lessor, unlike the secured lender, can gain from the lessee's default, especially when the leasing contract envisages initial prepayments or the lessee's terminal options to either purchase the leased asset or to extend the lease maturity. This result, which critically depends on contractual and bankruptcy code provisions, can explain some of the empirical evidence and the use of financial leases as an alternative to secured bank lending to finance small, risky and relatively opaque firms.  相似文献
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