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This article aims to explore the feasibility of applying night-time light data to the study of trade. Based on 61 countries’ panel data from 1995 to 2012, this research used night-time light data, as the substitute for GDP, to study trade development based on the traditional gravity model. The method of ordinary least squares, Poisson pseudo-maximum-likelihood and two-stage least squares were used. The results show that geographical distance, country borders and regional agreements have a significant effect on China’s trade with other Belt and Road countries, which verifies the validity of trade research based on night-time light data analysis. Additionally, comparisons reveal the trade trends predicted by night-time light data from 1996 to 2012, were highly consistent with the actual data. This article stands as the first study to apply night-time light data to the gravity model in the research on trade between China and other Belt and Road countries. Breaking new ground, this research uses night-time light data as an economic indicator to study trade, in combination with micro foundations and the latest findings of the gravity model. Thus, this article deepens the understanding of trade analysis and contributing to the field of related researches.  相似文献
This study aims to investigate the initial effectiveness of the international trade in the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI), which encompasses 64 countries along the Belt and Road as part of China’s political and economic network for the years beginning with 2013. To determine the initial effectiveness in the international trade associated with the BRI, we adopt the traditional augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) test and the one-time structural breakpoint in the bilateral trade data between China and these 64 countries along the Belt and Road from 2010 to 2017. The results show that, for 46 (72%) countries, the trade flows with unit roots and the shocks of trade flows appear to occur more frequently following the announcements of the initiatives among these countries. As for the remaining countries, the trade flows exhibit stationary time series over the 2010–2017 period. Both the 21st century maritime silk road and the silk road economic belt initiatives have affected the bilateral trade volumes of these countries along with the belt and road initiatives, and bilateral commerce mechanisms are able to serve as a stabilizing force in accelerating the economic integration of countries along the route.  相似文献
Although worldwide poverty, a basic concern of John Kenneth Galbraith, is reducing on average, I argue that poverty remains a critical issue in many countries. This led the Chinese government to propose the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013. Broadly, the BRI constructs a cross-continental nexus between countries to reduce their development uncertainties by increasing their connectivity. As a result, the Chinese government has invested trillions of infrastructure dollars in projects that have been introduced to the involved countries as sovereign debt along with the participation of Chinese multinational corporations. Although evidence has shown that this initiative is gaining increasingly more support from the less-developed countries, signs of uncertainty in various forms have clearly emerged. In light of such, I propose that possible in-country political instability, political conflicts among the participating countries, national debt defaults, and competition between China and the United States of America in regional influence may have added to the underlying uncertainties that have challenged the world.  相似文献
Liu Haiyue 《Applied economics》2020,52(11):1219-1239

Using feasible generalized least squares (FGLS) and ordinary least square (OLS) estimations on a dataset of 1208 outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) events by Chinese-listed firms from 2004 to 2015, this paper investigated the impact of OFDI on the performance of Chinese firms, from which it was found that Chinese firms that had invested in Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries were more productive than those that had invested in non-BRI countries. However, OFDI by both state-owned enterprises (SOE) and non-SOE were on average found to be negatively related to productivity and profitability, with state-owned enterprises (SOEs) having worse performance in terms of total factor productivity (TFP) than non-SOEs. A further subsample analysis found that Chinese firms that were investing in developing economies were performing better than those that had invested in developed ones; firms investing in sub-regions like Middle East and South Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean experienced a positive post-OFDI TFP but investment in other regions had either insignificant or negatively significant coefficients, indicating that firms in general had poor post-OFDI performances. The findings in this paper are informative for developing going-global strategies for both firms and government authorities.  相似文献
基于葡萄牙历史环境修复更新项目实践经历,记录 了中国团队在作为海上丝绸之路端点之一的里斯本市使用中国 传统设计手法解决西方语境下的设计问题的探索过程。通过中 葡双方设计思路和手法的交流与比较,探讨了中国风景园林设 计范式与手法应用于西方场景中的适应性。中方设计团队在建 筑方面以气韵相合为法则,营造了顺应场地气息的整体环境; 园林方面以传移模写为法则,构建了“可游可居”的空间结 构,营造了基于园居生活的适地情境。实践说明了中国园林在 伴随祖国“一带一路”的发展过程中,作为中国文化的精髓代 表,可以极强的适应性和先进性为世界人居环境建设作出更大 的贡献。  相似文献
随着全球气候变暖、生物多样性减少、生境破碎化等 环境问题日趋严重,“一带一路”沿线国家和地区在生态文明 建设上面临着共同的挑战。如何在有限的资源条件下合理布局 绿色基础设施以满足人类福祉的需求,仍是当前理论研究的热 点和景观管理实践的主要难题。以新疆阿拉尔市为例,基于形 态学空间格局分析、最小路径分析等方法识别对地区景观生态 格局具有重要影响的源地与廊道,通过补充战略点的方式对网 络进行优化,进而结合区域实际状况提出绿色基础设施网络的 构建思路。研究结果可为阿拉尔市及阿克苏地区生态修复和绿 地系统规划提供理论及实证依据,也为“一带一路”其他干旱 区城镇绿色基础设施布局与生态安全格局构建提供可资借鉴的 思路和方法。  相似文献
:以“一带一路”上的中华风景园林文化艺术展现为 题,探索中国风景园林建设之路。以歌曲“草原之夜”原生地 新疆可克达拉地域为背景,以“可克达拉市伊犁河滨水景观带 规划设计”建成项目为例,展开从理论到实践的阐述、分析、 探讨:项目的自然山水城市背景分析;项目作为城市纪念地、 发生地、交流地的风景园林文化艺术定位;项目作为中国固有 领土的历史表现与文化传承;保家卫国、屯垦戍边的景观纪 念;以及项目体现的“一带一路”上的中华风景园林的现代价 值。阐述了该项目的理论及应用:人居环境三元论;景观“旷 奥三性”理论应用;生态绿色支撑与风景园林小气候营造,以 及具体方案规划设计的要点。  相似文献
“一带一路”倡议的开展与“走出去”战略紧密相关,而“走出去”战略本身又与不同层面、不同领域的“出发”相关,其中既有经济上的投资与合作,又有文化上的交流与互通。而园林本身作为“文化综合体”天然地具有综合性的优势,因此,中国园林“走出去”已经引起新时期中国园林人的重视。实际上,日本园林的海外修建与传播史远较我国久远,且已取得了显著的成就,赢得了世界性的口碑。这些实绩与其将园林输出有机寓于国家文化战略之中的认识,与其具体实践过程中所不断形成的历史性经验等有关。通过文献与实地踏勘相结合,将这些方面的“他山之石”内容加以研究、提炼,指出日本园林“走出去”的成功除特定历史因素之外,从战略到战术层面均有值得我国借鉴之处。  相似文献
This paper empirically analyses the effect of trade competitiveness and complementarity on the trade development between China and the countries along the Belt and Road (B&R). The study first measures the trade competitiveness and the complementarity between China and the countries along the B&R by using the trade competitiveness coefficient (TCC) and the trade complementarity index (TCI). Then a spatial gravity model is constructed to analyse the effect of trade competitiveness and complementarity on trade development between China and the countries along the B&R. We use generalized method of moments (GMM) and spatial filtering technology to verify the robustness of the model. The results show that the GDP of China and the countries along the B&R, the land area of countries along the B&R, trade complementarity, common language, free trade agreements (FTA), and the B&R Initiative significantly promote the trade development between China and the countries along the B&R, whereas the geographical distance between countries and trade competitiveness significantly inhibit it. Finally, to promote the trade development between China and the countries along the B&R, the present paper puts forward suggestions including improving trade promotion policies between China and the countries along the B&R and vigorously expanding cooperation with complementary industries in the countries along the B&R to enhance trade dependence.  相似文献
China began to face Renminbi (RMB) depreciation pressure since 2014Q2, and the 8/11 reform in 2015 exacerbated the RMB depreciation pressure against USD. To contain the depreciation pressure, the People’s Bank of China (PBC) adopted three methods. Firstly, PBC tried to stabilize the exchange rate by selling USD and purchasing RMB, which resulted in the fast shrinking of China’s foreign exchange reserve. Secondly, PBC strengthened the regulation of capital outflows, which caused the stagnation of RMB internationalization. Thirdly, PBC frequently changed the pricing mechanism of the daily fixing of RMB to USD, which led to the reverse of the liberalization of RMB exchange rate. Under the new environment of RMB depreciation pressure and much lower foreign exchange reserve, Chinese government changed its strategies and became more cautious and pragmatic in outward foreign direct investment, RMB internationalization, and Belt & Road Initiative construction.  相似文献
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