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This article examines non-farm employment in the context of Chinese rural institutional change, based on evidence from discrete-time logistic models for event history analysis using the Life History and Social Change survey. We find the transition to non-farm sector rose rapidly during the Great Leap Forward and market reform, while the Cultural Revolution saw it reach the lowest ebb. While male advantage prevailed exclusively during the Cultural Revolution and early marketization, education possessed a stable positive effect in all historical periods. Although the returns to different kinds of political capital vary along with institutional dynamics, intergenerational reproduction was greatly reduced after the Cultural Revolution.  相似文献   
使用SBM-Undesirable模型测算我国31省份的新能源制氢效率,从新能源制氢效率和新能源装机容量两个维度构建评价体系,再应用熵权评价法,对我国31省份的新能源制氢潜力进行分析,同时研究了新能源制氢潜力2017—2030年的变化情况。结果表明:风电制氢的效率明显高于光伏制氢;西北和华北地区的新能源制氢潜力明显高于其他地区;西北和华南地区存在新能源制氢潜力与加氢设施建设之间短期发展不均衡的现象;2030年我国各省份新能源制氢效率和潜力较2017年都有所提升。最后,依据评价结果提出改善我国氢能产业发展的对策建议。  相似文献   
[目的]通过深入研究黄土丘陵区贫困人口生计资本对生计活动的影响,为解决农村贫困问题,提升农户生计资本存量、实现区域可持续生计发展提供科学依据。[方法]文章以甘肃省榆中县为例,基于对榆中县农户的调查数据,采用熵值法分析了东北部山区、中部川区和西南部山区贫困人口的生计资本状况和生计活动方式,并对其生计活动进行评价。[结果]从农户的生计资本组合来看,榆中县整体自然资本和人力资本相对物质资本、金融资本、社会资本3类资本较为富裕,尤其在西南部山区和东北部山区3类资本缺乏型农户比例较高。中部川区各乡镇人口的总体生计资本状况较好,总指数最高,而西南部山区次之、东北部山区最低,两者生计资本状况总体匮乏。农户的生计活动主要以种植、养殖和外出打工为主,生计活动多样性程度偏低; 中部川区人口的生计活动多样性指数最高,西南部山区次之、东北部山区最低,且整体受教育程度偏低,加之物质资本、金融资本、社会资本缺乏进一步限制了当地农户的生计多样性。[结论](1)针对不同生计资本水平和生计活动多样性程度偏低的贫困地区,需要进一步发挥民族文化产业扶贫优势,开启地域产业扶贫新模式,打造地域无公害特色农业产业品牌,提高农户物质资本边际贡献; (2)发展小额信贷金融服务,改善农户金融资本存量,预防村际农户金融资本二元极化; (3)实施免费教育培训技能学习,打造教育培训脱贫示范村,提高人力资本存量,缓解贫困人口生计压力等提高经济发展水平的扶贫政策措施。  相似文献   
进入"双高时代",我们距离新时代高等职业教育"舞龙头"的教学还有问题和"短板",应该改造教学方法和学习与研究制度。在剖析改造教学原因的基础上,厘清看待教学中存在问题的两种互相对立的态度,提出改造教学的革故鼎新路径,如强化"课堂教学为王"的意识,强化学习与专业研究,强化教学的职业素养,强化教师的课堂教学治理。  相似文献   
We investigate the effects of the 2008 New Zealand (NZ)–China free trade agreement (FTA) on exports from NZ to China, and real GDP per capita in NZ using the synthetic control method to estimate the counterfactuals. NZ exports to China were more than 200% higher in 2014 than what they would have had the FTA never been signed. NZ's food and live animals exports to China were more than 180% higher in 2014 than the counterfactual. Our counterfactuals indicate a small but negative effect of the FTA on NZ's real GDP per capita between 2009 and 2012.  相似文献   
We describe a method to construct an industry-by-state repeated cross-section of employment at the most disaggregated level publicly available, covering 1963–2012. Nondisclosed data are estimated with a procedure using the hierarchical information structure. To illustrate the usefulness of the procedure, the resulting estimated data are tested to determine if industrial localization of the processed food sector has changed over the last 50 years in the United States. Our findings suggest it has not changed systemically despite variation in levels of localization within industries.  相似文献   
This paper offers estimations for the Portuguese path of the Non‐Observed Economy (NOE), in the period 1970–2015, through two seminal approaches: monetary method and the Multiple Indicators Multiple Causes (MIMIC) model. It is observed that the tax burden and social benefits are its main causes. Then, to get a more in‐depth understanding of the phenomenon, it provides a study of the Granger causality between the NOE and the official Gross Domestic Product (GDP), emphasizing the implications of the NOE on the Portuguese economy. Evidence has been found for the existence of bidirectional causality between the NOE and the GDP, suggesting that the formal economy affects the NOE, and conversely that the NOE affects the economic growth.  相似文献   
[目的]通过分析2012年和2014年乌蒙山片区绿色减贫指数,评价该地区不同年份扶贫效果,这也为今后各项扶贫政策的实施提供理论参考。[方法]文章依据中国绿色减贫指数指标体系,从经济增长绿化度、资源利用与环境保护程度、社会发展能力和扶贫开发与减贫效果4个方面,以人均地区生产总值、单位地区生产总值能耗等27个因子作为评价指标,利用线性加权综合法分析2012年和2014年经济增长绿化度、资源利用与环境保护程度、社会发展能力和扶贫开发与减贫效果指标值,最终确定绿色减贫指数。同时,分析片区内各贫困县波动较大的第三产业增加值比重、单位耕地面积化肥施用量、城乡收入比和农村人均纯收入增长率等指标。[结果]2014年相比2012年,乌蒙山片区经济增长绿化度、资源利用与环境保护程度和扶贫开发与减贫效果指标值上升,社会发展能力指标值降低,绿色减贫指数提高了15.40%。各县第三产业比重均降低,但农村人均纯收入都有提高。四川省10个县单位耕地面积化肥施用量增加。四川省除叙永县和美姑县,贵州省除赤水市,片区内的各贫困县城乡收入比降低。[结论]2014年,乌蒙山区在落实国家扶贫规划上取得了较好的成效。但各县之间差距较大,在今后的扶贫攻坚中,需要从不同地区的实际情况出发,了解贫困类型和贫困程度,考察当地资源储备和环境现状,统筹区域发展。  相似文献   
The authors propose a classroom experiment implementing a simple version of a New Keynesian model suitable for courses in intermediate macroeconomics and money and banking. Students play as either the central bank or members of the private sector. The central banker sets interest rates to meet twin objectives for inflation and the output gap or to meet only an inflation target. In both settings, private sector agents are concerned with correctly forecasting the inflation rate. The authors show that an experiment implementing this setup is feasible and yields results that enhance understanding of the New Keynesian model of monetary policy. They propose alternative versions where the central bank is replaced by a policy rule and provide suggestions for discussing the experimental results with students.  相似文献   
探索高质量发展评价指标体系是当前社会各界面临的极富挑战性和开创性工作。从生产、分配、交换和消费四个环节选取23个指标构建高质量发展指标体系,利用熵值法对2000—2015年我国经济高质量发展进行评价。在此基础上从提升全要素生产率、调节国民收入分配格局、助力文化消费以及防范市场风险等层面提出政策建议。  相似文献   
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